Ethical Non-Monogamy Group

Unsolicited Friend Requests and Message Requests 

It is our official group policy that unsolicited friend requests and unsolicited private messages with other members of this group are forbidden. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the group.

The only exceptions to this rule is for Mods and Admins of the group. ALL Admins and Mods agree to be open to messages from members of this group for group business only. We all have an open door to private discussion about any group related matters and your conversations with us are kept private other than to be discussed amongst the Admin team whenever there is a need for intervention. Similarly, if Admins need to contact you, we will follow a specific protocol… We will first attempt to send you a private message and if we do not get a response, we will tag you in a “Contact an Admin” post.

Reporting Violations

We want to create a system that is fair and equitable for all people. We also want to create a system that addresses the problem at the root. As such, all reports of violations of this policy require proof. We want to see screenshots of friend requests, screenshots of messages etc. so there is no dispute of the validity of any accusations.

How to report a violation:

Contact an Admin or Mod – Please report all consent violations to Admin- Michael Love. We are going to want to see screenshots to validate your report. Your report and your screenshots are kept private so please do not hesitate to report consent violators

(DO NOT SEND SCREENSHOTS THAT CONTAIN IMAGES THAT GO AGAINST FACEBOOK COMMUNITY GUIDELINES– Instead contact an Michael Love for an alternative means of sharing them that do not jeopardize the group, or your status with Facebook.)

Note – To be fair and equitable to everyone, all reports and callouts MUST be validated with visual proof of the violation. If someone sends you an unsolicited friend request or message request… screenshot before deleting it. Our hands are otherwise tied to ensure that people are not being falsely accused.

Admin Actions

We now have a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to this rule. When we’ve received verified proof that a member has violated our No Unsolicited Message or Friend Request rule we will immediately and permanently remove the offending member and they will be added to our publicly available list of consent violators so that everyone will know who they are, in case they are encountered in other groups.

Bottom line… If you don’t want to be called out, do NOT engage in behavior that is disrespectful to others and sidesteps online consent.

ENM Group Members Guide

Table of Contents

Use this table to explore and navigate through the pages of our ENM Members Guide. 

LoveTribeMedia hosts this space for our ENM Members Guide for convenience of our members and prospective members. We also administrate the ENM Group but in no way do we share any private information from our members, nor do we use that information for marketing purposes or any other purpose of any kind. We don’t even use the group to market any of our work unless we offer an opportunity for others to market theirs as well… (ie podcast posts etc)