Ethical Non-Monogamy Group

Facebook Group Communication Structure

How it works….

This group is sculpted on the processes and structures of several ENM related groups we are in, some of them may be familiar to you… we are taking the things we feel make for a successful community-based group and are combining them here. This group will probably feel more “managed” than most groups you’re in. It is that way by design, in order to create order and structure that brings the primary purpose of this group (discussion) to the forefront, while still offering opportunities for “fun stuff” too.

As our group grows, it is important that we all learn how to interact in ways that keep things organized and tidy, and presentable not only in our primary group discussion feed, as well as in our individual personal feeds (what Facebook shows us in our “follows and likes”) we ask you to understand what kind of content is acceptable to post where within our group. Please familiarize yourself with the difference between your personal feed, our primary group discussion feed, and a nested topic feed. We’ve explained them for you below.

Your personal feed is the list of posts you see when you first open Facebook, or when you hit the home button (or the Facebook icon in the upper left-hand corner) It has nothing to do with the group per se, but a lot of people don’t seem to understand how this works. Your personal feed includes the latest or most popular posts from the various entities you follow on Facebook. You will likely see posts from our group in your personal feed. Each person’s personal feed is unique to them, in that moment and only you see it (and anyone looking over your shoulder) Your friends and family cannot see your personal feed… only you. This is not unique to our group and has nothing to do with our group, but it’s important that you understand this distinction.

As a private group, our content is not available to anyone outside of our group, except for Admins and Moderators, our member list is invisible to people outside of our group as well. Only members of our group can see our member’s list and the content posted within our group.

Our primary group discussion feed, is the feed you see when you open our group, our group “homepage” if you will. Any member of our group may submit a post to this feed, but it must be approved by a Moderator. Please understand we WANT you to post as much as you like, but only posts and images that engage interactivity and discussion will be approved for our primary group discussion feed. The difference is simple… Is your post engaging others to participate or respond in the comments on a level personal to them? Or is it really all about you? If it is about interaction, and discussion it will probably be approved, if not, it probably belongs in a nested comment somewhere.

At any given time, we will have several active nested topic feeds, some are ongoing, others will be occasional or as needed. Most topics posted by members will be nested topic feeds. Basically speaking, a nested topic feed is a post, that is posted where the intention is to generate conversation in the comments of that post, but we also have nested topic feeds that are just for fun, and where we encourage members to share photos. For instance, our Photo Friday post is a nested topic feed, our Welcome Wednesday post has become a fun nested topic feed as well. Both are excellent examples of fun and interactive nested topic feeds. Members are allowed to post photos to the comments of the Photo Friday post but are not allowed to post Photo Friday pics directly to our primary group discussion feed.

The reason why we are set up this way, is because any given topic, can generate potentially hundreds or more images. If we all posted them to the main discussion feed, this group would flood your personal feed, driving out all other content that might be important to you not only from this group, but other groups as well. Likewise… images that are sexier in nature (but still within our criteria), would also show up on your personal feed, which can be inconvenient when there is mixed company or family around. Most importantly… all of those images would bury our discussion and interaction posts, which is what this group is truly about. We want our group to present as a safe space to the majority of our members, where we can openly discuss topics that are ENM related, while still offering the fun photo content that can be found without necessarily placing it all “front and center.”

ENM Group Members Guide

Table of Contents

Use this table to explore and navigate through the pages of our ENM Members Guide. 

LoveTribeMedia hosts this space for our ENM Members Guide for convenience of our members and prospective members. We also administrate the ENM Group but in no way do we share any private information from our members, nor do we use that information for marketing purposes or any other purpose of any kind. We don’t even use the group to market any of our work unless we offer an opportunity for others to market theirs as well… (ie podcast posts etc)