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ENM Group Rules (expanded)

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Ethical Non-Monogamy Group Rules

Our rules are listed below for your convenience. Each rule is explained in more detail in this space or on a separate page (see linked content) Each member is responsible for their behavior in this group and adhering to the rules of our community.

Kind and Respectful Communication

Please check your soapbox at the door. Treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are allowed, but kindness is required. Inflammatory and aggressive comments are not allowed. We do not allow judgment. When you encounter someone who has different views of what is ethical than you do, exercise patience, empathy and understanding, and if you must disagree, do so kindly, and with respect to the other party’s position. If you find that you cannot communicate kindly, exercise your right to keep scrolling. Judgmental or Aggressive engagement will almost certainly result in negative results for you. 

Remember, we’re far more successful by influencing people with positive responses. When we put them on the defensive by being judgmental, we’ve lost the ability to influence them. 

This is perhaps our most frequently broken rule. In most cases we make every effort to help people understand their behavior and give them opportunities to correct it. Unfortunately, there is something about being behind a keyboard, makes people feel empowered and entitled, and unkind. Ref- What We Mean by Kind and Respectful Communication

Be on Topic

Our Main Feed is for posts that encourage discussion of ENM topics. Personal posts or photos should be posted as comments in nested topic feeds. Political or religious based posts and comments are highly discouraged, strictly forbidden if there is no intersection with an ENM based topic.

Unsolicited Friend Requests and Unsolicited Message Requests are NOT Allowed

Unsolicited friend requests and unsolicited message requests are considered consent violations and will be dealt with in accordance to our policies. Ref – Unsolicited Friend Requests or Message Requests

Don’t Be Creepy / Control the Thirst

Do not stalk or harass other members of this group or make others feel uncomfortable by your actions. Keep comments kind and complimentary. Sexually presumptive and vulgar comments tread into this territory. Don’t assume that everyone in this group is open or open to you. 

Respect Everyone’s Privacy

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group.

This is not a Hookup Group

This group is designed for support and fellowship. It exists so we can share our knowledge and experiences. People from this group come from all over the world and from varying places and practices of Ethical Non-Monogamy. Some people may not even be looking to connect at all. As such this group is not intended to be a group for you to make connections. This is NOT a dating group, and it is most certainly not a hookup group. If you’re here to “find people in your area” alone… you’re here for the wrong reason. If you’re here to help yourself grow and become a better person in your ENM life, or to help others be better ENM people through guidance and influence… then you’ve found your place! 

No Promotion or Spam

This is a global group; local event posts are not allowed. Any post that is commercial in nature or promotes a business must be pre-approved by an Admin. Posts or comments that promote illegal SW are strictly forbidden. We do not allow our group to be used for marketing, or for advertising. Under certain controlled circumstances we will provide spaces for self promotion. We do not allow promotion of other groups within our group. See more at Ref- No Promotion Posts or Spam

No Nudity or Sexualized Content

We take a VERY conservative approach to FB Community Guidelines regarding sexualized content. Do your part to help keep this community safe by not posting overly sexual images or memes.

Photos and Memes

Memes are only allowed to encourage discussion in our main feed. Only one photo at a time in our main feed. We have special rules regarding image postings. Ref – ENM Group Image Criteria

This is a Managed Community

We have special rules that create a space of order, and organization. Members are expected to follow the rules outlined in this Guide. Our community is more structured than many you are a part of on Facebook. It is an intentional community where we have created a space for discussion about topics directly related to ENM. It is a place for support and for us to find the commonality in our varied ways that we engage in ENM.

Our Admin team strives to be impartial to rule enforcement. We do not let our own personal biases interfere in our rule enforcement. Admin’s word is final. If an Admin is contacting you or posting a #ModReminder or #AdminWarning it means you’ve violated a rule. Arguing with a Moderator or an Admin is not acceptable and is grounds for immediate removal from the group. The job is difficult enough without having to deal with difficult people.

ENM Group Members Guide

Table of Contents

Use this table to explore and navigate through the pages of our ENM Members Guide. 

LoveTribeMedia hosts this space for our ENM Members Guide for convenience of our members and prospective members. We also administrate the ENM Group but in no way do we share any private information from our members, nor do we use that information for marketing purposes or any other purpose of any kind. We don’t even use the group to market any of our work unless we offer an opportunity for others to market theirs as well… (ie podcast posts etc)