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No Promotion or Spam

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With our group being a group that has members that span the globe, as a rule we do not allow posts to our Primary Feed that promote a business or product. We occasionally will make exceptions for online businesses that have a product or service that is available to ALL of our members anywhere in the world. These exceptions are by Admin Approval only and subject to marketing partnership agreements.

We will periodically provide topic posts where any topic related podcasts, vlogs and blogs can be shared.  Otherwise, we do not allow promotion of non-partner entities. This includes bloggers, vloggers and podcasters that are not previously vetted by the Admin team. This includes self promotion of members blogs, vlogs and podcasts, as well as members promoting for others. If you are seeking these posts within the group you can find these posts under the group topic listing #ENMPodcasts

We will maintain a nested topic feed for businesses to post their links in the comments. This is the only places that business links and events are allowed without prior approval. You can find it here

Commercial posts and nested topic comments can only be posted as above by legally recognized businesses.

Under no circumstances are posts or comments promoting illegal SW allowed. This includes but is not limited to prostitution, escort services, GFE, and yes… Sugar Dating. This is grounds for an immediate and permanent removal. It’s not our rule, personally we support SW’s of all kinds. It’s Facebook’s rule and we must follow it in this group to preserve the viability of the group.

We also do not allow links to sites that could violate Facebook’s Community Guidelines or that might risk getting the attention of Facebook’s Safety Team. As such, we do not allow links to escort sites, porn sites, or sites like OnlyFans and other sites where there is a pay to view access in place.

We absolutely do NOT allow posts or comments promoting other groups without prior permission, anywhere in this group. There are many groups that do not share our values in non-aggressive communication, and allow group-think and judgment toward people who do not fit a prescribed norm. We’re not interested in endorsing them by allowing their group to be promoted within ours. We have no interest in helping other group admins who offer nothing else of value to this group and seek only to use our space to harvest members.  This is not just bad form, it is grounds for an immediate ban at Admin discretion. 

Group Expert Program (coming soon)

We have a lot of relationship coaches and therapists in our community. In the coming months we will be rolling out a Group Expert Program where those people will be featured and will have opportunities to step forward and be recognized as people who are knowledgeable about relationships, especially ENM Relationships. People who our members know they can turn to for advice and help through trouble areas. Stay tuned for a future version of our ENM Member’s Guide for details on how you can become a ENM Group Expert.

ENM Group Members Guide

Table of Contents

Use this table to explore and navigate through the pages of our ENM Members Guide. 

LoveTribeMedia hosts this space for our ENM Members Guide for convenience of our members and prospective members. We also administrate the ENM Group but in no way do we share any private information from our members, nor do we use that information for marketing purposes or any other purpose of any kind. We don’t even use the group to market any of our work unless we offer an opportunity for others to market theirs as well… (ie podcast posts etc)