Before you join our group it is strongly recommended that you browse through our ENM Group Members Guide and become familiar with our group practices and philosophies. We’ve structured this group very carefully to prevent some of the bad behaviors we see in many Non-monogamy groups and Poly Groups and take a very serious approach to content moderation. 

Joining the group…

There are a couple of ways to join. You can search and find us through Facebook. Our group IS visible to search… but the content and members list is private. This means that no one should know you’re a member of the group. Once you’ve located our group, simply click or tap on “Join Group” and answer our Entry Questions. 

You might also be invited to join the group. If you’re invited by a friend… you still have to answer our Entry Questions. If you are a member who has invited someone and they cannot access their entry questions, please contact Admin – Christina Andring for assistance. 

YOU MUST ANSWER ALL ENTRY QUESTIONS THOROUGHLY – This is your opportunity to speak to our Admin team and ensure them that you are a legitimate person who has a place in our community. Please respond in detail… one word or low effort responses will likely be declined.  We use these questions to vet possible infiltrators to the group. We frequently get requests from fake profiles, spammers and hackers… our Admin team does our best to filter out these people. Likewise we do not allow people who are wanting to use our group for research as there is too much potential for privacy violations. We also do not allow casting directors to join our group to seek possible castings for television programs. We’ve yet to see a made for TV reality show that adequately depicts Ethical Non-monogamy in a positive light (Drama sells commercials) 

If your Facebook profile is less than a year old you MUST contact one of our Admin Christina to explain why. We do not allow people with brand newly created profiles free access into our community.  She is going to ask you some very personal questions, and she has a few different ways she can verify your identity. 

Sadly there are parts of the world where women are still discriminated against heavily. Most of those parts of the world are also places where plural relationships and sexual promiscuity is illegal. Some parts of the world are havens for sex trafficking etc… we do not accept members from those countries. 

If for some reason your entry to the group is declined, and you feel like you should be allowed entry, you may contact Admin’s Christina or Michael Love for assistance. 

Before you join… please read through the various pages of our ENM Group Members Guide using our table of contents below. This is a unique group in how we operate it, and the way we expect our members to conduct themselves. Most people who are removed from our group fail to read and understand our rules and expectations of behavior. Familiarizing yourself with how this group operates will save you a lot of headaches down the road.   

ENM Group Members Guide

Table of Contents

Use this table to explore and navigate through the pages of our ENM Members Guide. 

LoveTribeMedia hosts this space for our ENM Members Guide for convenience of our members and prospective members. We also administrate the ENM Group but in no way do we share any private information from our members, nor do we use that information for marketing purposes or any other purpose of any kind. We don’t even use the group to market any of our work unless we offer an opportunity for others to market theirs as well… (ie podcast posts etc)