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ENM Group Image Criteria

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ENM Group Image Criteria

This group is NOT a pic-share group. Photo sharing should be considered secondary to our primary focus– Discussion and Interaction. Under no circumstances should any photos be posted directly to our primary group discussion feed unless the primary intention of the image AND post is to encourage discussion and interaction. Brag photos, or photos where the primary intention is to attract attention to you will not be allowed on the primary group discussion feed.

Our Admin team will be reviewing all submissions to our primary feed and will be taking a very conservative approach to this… unless there is a clear and obvious discussion point that encourages everyone to participate, your photo will likely be declined. You may also post photos in any other nested comment thread where they would be considered on topic (i.e. our Photo Friday thread, Welcome Wednesday Post, Selfie Sunday Post). Any images posted absolutely MUST meet our ENM Group Image Criteria.

This criteria is intended to manage our community in such a way that we put emphasis on discussion and interaction. Our moderators and admins are tasked with making sure the integrity of our group is maintained, both within our own policies and guidelines, but also within the Facebook Community Guidelines in order to keep our community within the boundaries that Facebook allows, both currently and in the future.

Please take a moment to review our ENM Group Image Criteria

ENM Group Image Criteria

No Nudity

This means no female presenting breasts or nipples. No visible genitalia, pubic area or buttocks of any gender. This includes outright nudity, or partial nudity where the above items are clearly visible through transparent or semi-transparent clothing. Images where any of the above is covered by stickers or hands are also not permitted in this group.

No Overtly Sexualized Content

If the general focus of the photo is on genitalia, pubic area, buttocks, or breasts… and nothing else… even if everything is covered… its subject to removal by Facebook and is absolutely not allowed under our group rules. This also includes touching yourself sexually, simulated or otherwise. Images that depict sexual activity even where all of the nude bits are covered or hidden, but it is clear what is going on…will be removed. This is simply not the place for that kind of content. Images that violate this rule are subject to removal by Facebook… so it is not allowed here.

“The Sister Rule”

The sister rule is our baseline of image acceptability in the context of whether we would be comfortable sharing your photo with our conservative sisters, mothers, grandmothers, or other relatives. Our mods are going to take this litmus test in regard to your images… Please conduct yourself accordingly.

No Memes with overtly sexual topics

Our ENM lifestyle is fodder for a lot of GREAT memes… many of which are funny as hell, but also may cross the line into a Facebook violation (it has already happened in this group) Overtly sexual memes are not allowed anywhere in this group, not in our primary group feed, and nor in any nested comments.

One Photo at a Time

Facebook allows you to post multiple photos on our Primary Group Discussion Feed but it is not allowed here as a matter of policy. We will decline any posts regardless of topic or content that include multiple photos.

Personal Responsibility and Accountability

You are responsible for the content you submit. In the event of an intervention by the Facebook Safety Team, you are responsible for working with our Admin team to determine if/where a community guideline was broken.

Images and posts that Violate Facebook Community Guidelines

After nearly a year in existence, we’ve had our first ding by Facebooks safety team. So, we got to experience what that is like. The first thing is… we don’t get to see the image that was removed, so we don’t know. we’re just told a photo was removed and we as a group get our hand slapped for it. Too many of these and our group is deleted forever. So, we are putting in place a rule of personal responsibility.In the event that an image or post is removed by Facebook’s Safety Team… our Admin staff will be contacting you. You are required to share with us the image that Facebook determined warranted removal.

Sometimes Facebook gets it wrong. If this is the case, we will expect you to appeal it. If you share your image with us, and we determine that it was wrongfully removed by Facebook and you can show us that you’re appealing it, your membership here is not in jeopardy. If you fail to respond to our Admin team, or if we determine that the image that was removed is actually in violation of our ENM Group Image Criteria, you will be banned from this group permanently. We will not tolerate behavior here that puts our group in jeopardy.

ENM Group Members Guide

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