Our bittersweet final issue of ENM Magazine… but also one of our best ever!

We revisit one of our favorite Temptations Miss Sandra, as she tells us about her life and her journey into ENM. Now co-habitating with her partner, she talks about the challenges of navigating new living situations, raising a teenager, and maintaining a busy life while still engaging in a way of life that is fulfilling and empowering.

Taylor Taylor is the next artist to step into our artist spotlight. Meet the artist, and learn a little about his non-monogamous lifestyle, and then take a tour on some of his amazing works of art.

Guest author Dark Sevier writes about his journey as a man coming into the ENM Lifestyle with a new partner, and navigating difficult waters of shedding toxic traits associated with ownership in monogamy.

Kitty Chambliss talks about how to identify the differences between Rules, Boundaries and Agreements with a reader who is struggling with a partners behavior.

Lisa Merrill returns for an article about empowering people to come out as Polyamorous, why we should if we can, and how to go about it.

Ellie Love gives The Tremor a ride for the first time. She sends in an article talking about her first experience and first impressions of this amazing machine!

Finally… Hermann Humbert shares some St Patrick’s day antics with us with his lovely wife Lola and some sexy friends.



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