February is Polyamory month at ENM Magazine and this year we’re celebrating the lovey side of ENM with a Temptation Article that features a rather large and complex polycule! This group is fun and lively, and amazingly queer! We love that all of the intricate ways their polycule knits together, reminds us of so many polycules… (including our own) You’re going to love getting to know these amazing people!

Kitty Chambliss helps a reader understand how to get past that One-True-Love concept in love, and relationships to find a more balanced and comfortable life with her primary partner seeking other relationships.

Guest writer, Lisa Merrill sends in a great article that celebrates feminism, and explains how and why all polyamorists should be feminists.

Ellie Love shares her love affair with…. FOOTBALL!!! Well… here love affair is with her polycule partners who love football, and she loves making yummy football snacks for their Super Bowl party!

Michael Love shares his next installment in Next Level Erotic Photography where he talks about the most important feature that every camera has, that you need to be aware of.

Our readers make Valentines day sizzle with their contributions to our “Be My Sexy Valentine” reader submitted pictorial article.

And finally… Hermann Humbert shares some Holiday frustrations, that ends with some fun and sexy Valentines sexy time with Lo…



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