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Being an erotic photographer is surely a difficult task in this year of The Great Pandemic, when everything you rely on for your trade — closeness, intimacy and spontaneity — has been all but erased by Covid-19. Luckily, for photographer Julian Norman, the coronavirus has brought him closer to his favorite subject and current poly partner. Together they have been able to create some sexy, sensual, and provocative photo shoots without breaking any social distancing rules.

Julian and his partner started seeing each other in the beginning of March, about three weeks before quarantine began. Covid, of course, has kept him from experiencing all facets of the full ethical non-monogamous lifestyle for the bulk of 2020 due to health concerns. It’s been important for him to follow the general safety and security protocols that go along with this new normal of a global plague.

Prior to this ENM relationship, Julian’s first brush with non-monogamy was in 2014. It was a difficult situation, however, since his partner of seven years wanted to open up their monogamous relationship. Looking back now, he says, it’s easy to chart where everything went wrong. Therefore, he had a lot of initial reservations with polyamory, non-monogamy and open dynamics for a very long time until he met his current partner who changed his perspective. “I have issues with it,” he told her, “but I’m hell-bent on getting over my baggage even if it kills me!” He’s still figuring it out and learning, but the more he’s living the lifestyle the more he feels it’s right for him. It’s definitely part of his life; even as he’s navigating the waters he’s feeling more secure about it with each day.

Julian picked up his first camera early 2015 and for the longest time he’s described his style as observational, “observing the world around him,” because he’s of the belief that “a beautiful image is made not necessarily by what you capture but how you capture it.” Julian is very interested in how you can make even a mundane scene beautiful. In the beginning of his photography exploration there was a lot of street photography or nature and wildlife as he was always carrying between one and three cameras in his backpack — observing the world and ready to capture an image.

As for erotica and boudoir photography, that’s something that Julian has always liked in general but knows that it’s difficult to branch out into something that is new, let alone something that requires such a high level of trust and intimacy. Thankfully, he’s been able to explore this avenue of photography with his partner — she loves being in front of the camera. “It’s been great having a subject that is ready and willing … and it’s a wonderful boost of ego [for her] if nothing else.” It’s all still very new to Julian, though, with his first erotic shoot taking place about a year ago. Since then, his NSFW images have blossomed, thanks to his partner who is always excited to work with him on a new theme or idea.

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