Join Michael, Ellie and Christina Love for some fun and interesting conversations about living in an ENM Triad. Together they will interview personalities from the ENM, Swinging and Polyamory Communities. You will also get to meet Real People of the ENM community as our team interviews people from the ENM Lifestyle Communities. Real people who practice Ethical Non-Monogamy in their every day lives!

Through the ENM Talk Podcast, you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of a cohabitating healthy ENM Triad. You’ll get to share our joys, as well as our struggles, and see how we move through those struggles toward a healthy outcome.

The ENM Talk Podcast show can be found on most podcast platforms, but also select episodes are now also available as Vlogs on YouTube so you can watch our fun antics and interactions too! Be sure to like and follow us on all of our channels!

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We’re back from a long summer hiatus full of fun social shenanigans! Time for us to catch you up on all of our summer fun… and of course the usual stuff… we have a fun new addition to the lineup as well… Tune in to find […]
Join us for a fun and lively conversation about life in the Love Tribe. Christina is going to review a delicious beer, Ellie is going to share another of her favorite recipes… and we’re going to talk about Metamours and how to help have healthier relationships […]
Join us for a DualCast conversation with relationship coach Martina Booth who is also known as “The Jealousy Coach.” We talk a bit about her life, her non-monogamy, her practice as a life coach, and her work to helping demystify and conquer our feelings of Jealousy […]
Join us for a fun and lively conversation about life in the Love Tribe. Christina is going to review a delicious beer, Ellie is going to share some of her Bacon Jam… and we’re going to talk about Unsolicited Dick Pic’s and other toxic behaviors that […]
Our first ever DualCast Show… A DualCast show is an episode where you can listen on your favorite podcast player, or….if you prefer a visual experience, you can tune in on our YouTube Channel!    Our first DualCast podcast guest is Sagan Morrow. Sagan Morrow is […]
Join us for our reboot of our all new formatted LIVE show! We’ve got a really busy show in store for you! We’re going to review our introductions, and give you all a chance to get to know us a little bit. We’re super excited to […]
Join us as we discuss the dreaded…. Labels. None of us love them, but we need them in order to be able to serve as a launching point in our communications.  Together we explore some of the more misunderstood, and misused labels and how that misuse […]
Join us for a chat with Leanne, Polyamory advocate, Audiobook narrator and founder of Poly Philia as she tells us about her life in non-monogamy, and the amazing work she does advocating for and normalizing non-monogamy. Guest Links: – @polyphiliablog or – @polyphiliablog or […]
Join us as we talk with a real live Unicorn found in the wild! Learn all about her mysterious ways… and where you can find her and her unicorn friends! Joking aside… this was a great interview… and we learned a lot about Ms Alexa, and […]
Christina joins us for a conversation about the complexities in the decision to coming out to friends and family about living an Ethically Non-Monogamous life in the open. We discuss some of the struggles that people in ENM have with loss of support from friends and […]
Bringing back some old memories… this is what we used to do on our old Lifestyle Talk Podcast! But now Squadcast has made it even easier to do remote interviewing!  Join us as we sit down with an Arizona couple we met on Kasidie for a […]
Christina joins us for a topic we’re all very passionate about, and it is something that is very personal for us…. Living Together.  Apologies for the length… but we think you’ll agree this one will go by quickly!  We talk about the benefits and challenges that […]
Kitty Chambliss is a truly amazing person, and as someone who practices ENM much the same way we do, her philosophies are a great match for our magazine and the message we try to convey on the world.  In this episode Michael sits down with Kitty […]
The road over the last 8+ years has been challenging.  Tune in to find out how a couple where one is Poly and one is a Swinger somehow manage to find their way into a harmonious existence… but not without struggles along the way. 
By request… Michael and Ellie revisit the beginning of their journey into Ethical Non-monogamy. It’s a great and funny story you won’t want to miss!