Kitty Chambliss is a truly amazing person, and as someone who practices ENM much the same way we do, her philosophies are a great match for our magazine and the message we try to convey on the world.  In this episode Michael sits down with Kitty for an interesting and lively conversation about how people who are married can address a lot of the questions and scrutiny they get from people by being married and open.  

You can find Kitty Chambliss on the web by visiting her website at: There you can find her lifestyle and relationship coaching practice, as well as links to buy her book “The Jealousy Survival Guide: How to feel safe, happy, and secure in an open relationship”

You can also join the Loving Without Boundaries Facebook group for some great community oriented interaction with others who are experienced in ENM, Swinging and Polyamory. 

You can find the home page for “Dear Kitty” with links to her previous articles and a form to use to submit your questions to Kitty at our Dear Kitty page on the ENM Magazine website.  Otherwise you can submit your question via direct email by writing her at [email protected] 

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