2020…. What a year it has been! I don’t think we’ve had a more chaotic or stressful year. We’ve seen a lot of historical moments this year… 2020 will be the year that changes our lives and changes our country. The impact of 2020 will leave a lasting impression on all of us, and all of our community, literally no part of our lives have not been tragically transformed. 

2020 is also our first year in existence as a magazine. It has been a challenging year, but we adapted, we overcame! This month officially marks the last issue of our first year… And everything considered, with all of the obstacles we’ve faced, we think we’ve risen to the challenge. We’re looking forward to what we can do next year!

December is one of a few themed issues that we will publish each year. Our December issue is loaded with holiday themed content to get you into the Christmas spirit! As a holiday issue, we decided that it wasn’t fair to a Temptation to surround them with Holiday distractions… So we’re skipping our Temptation article this month, and in its place we invited our ENM Magazine Staff to submit holiday sentiments for our readers, it’s a rare glimpse at the amazing people who make this magazine happen month after month! 

The holiday season is a time of year that is a fun time for us to dress up, and celebrate in the sexy kind of way that only people of our lifestyle communities can dig into. We have two articles this month where we get our readers involved. The first is an erotica article where we invited our readers to submit some holiday themed erotica. We absolutely LOVE the article submitted by Max Treehonk, and it earns the honor this year of being our featured Holiday Erotica piece. If you fancy yourself a writer of sexy prose… we challenge you to get started on your story for next year’s erotica invitational… We have so many sexy and talented people, and Max has set the bar high!  

Speaking of sexy people… We had the brilliant idea to challenge our readers to snap some sexy holiday themed photos… and despite the fact it was literally a last minute invite… We got some AMAZING reader submissions for our Holiday Spirit article… this may be our best Reader Submitted Pictorial article yet! 

Ellie sets the scene for your Christmas Eve by sharing a recipe of love, family, and Christmas cookies to make for Christmas Eve perfection. 

Chrissy Cooper is the queen of online shopping, and she has a particular talent for getting the most creative and perfect gifts! She shares a bit of her most recent finds for some ideas for that partner, metamour, fwb, etc, who may be difficult to shop for. 

Speaking of the perfect gift… Maybe you are looking to find a special gift for that sexy lady in your life. Briana Buck gives us a sexy review of one of her favorite toys, her Womanizer Pro40. If you’ve never experienced the magic of this type of toy… this is an article that will definitely get your juices flowing.
Even Hermann Humbert gets into the holiday spirit with a revisit of a Christmas Party adventure from 2019, before the world lost its mind… It’s a story that will get your motor running!

We want to wrap this year up with a word of gratitude. Thank you, loyal reader for enduring this most chaotic of years together with us. We want to wish you the happiest of holidays, here’s to a happy and safe New Year celebration and for better or worse, we will get through 2021 the same way we did 2020… Together, in solidarity… and working toward a positive goal and a happier life, the way that only a true hedonist can appreciate.



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